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Pens for Kids UK does have its own website - www.pensforkids.co.uk - but since this is often overlooked, a short introduction is given here as well.

Pens for Kids UK is a local branch of the non-political, non-religious, non-profit charity organisation Pens for Kids International, the aim of which is to get writing utensils to underprivileged kids in the third world - primarily Africa.

Pens for Kids accepts donations of writing utensils such as pens, pencils, felt pens, rulers, erasers, gel-pens and the like, and sends them to Africa for distribution among kids who need them for their school work.

The pens are distributed through a network of local contacts - the so-called Pens for Kids Ambassadors, or through local non-profit charity organisations.

Pens for Kids is based entirely on volunteer work and has no administration costs other than shipping expenses for the pens.


Pens for Kids UK

...is managed by Pilot Malcolm O'Brien.


Send your contribution to:

Malcolm, O'Brien, Malcolm O'Brien, Pens for Kids UK, PFK UK, PFK-UK, England
Pens for Kids UK

36 Glebe Avenue


Kettering NN14 1NE


A little background on myself:

I spend a lot of time in hotels each year, and one afternoon I was wondering what to do with the stash of free pens that I'd picked up along the way that were sitting in a drawer at home. A search on the Internet for good causes needing unwanted pens led to www.pensforkids.dk; a couple of emails and phone calls to Claus later, the UK branch of the organisation came into existence.

I am married to Charlotte, and we have a 5 year old (Alex) who really enjoys helping us unpack envelopes of pens and box them up for onward distribution to Africa. Please help to make his day by sending him some!

Pens for Kids Danmark: Kontakt Claus Hjørnet, Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DK-3200 Helsinge. Email: claus@pensforkids.dk
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