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Pens for Kids Canada does have its own website - www.pensforkids.ca - but since this is often overlooked, a short introduction is given here as well.

Pens for Kids UK is a local branch of the non-political, non-religious, non-profit charity organisation Pens for Kids International, the aim of which is to get writing utensils to underprivileged kids in the third world - primarily Africa.

Pens for Kids accepts donations of writing utensils such as pens, pencils, felt pens, rulers, erasers, gel-pens and the like, and sends them to Africa for distribution among kids who need them for their school work.

The pens are distributed through a network of local contacts - the so-called Pens for Kids Ambassadors, or through local non-profit charity organisations.

Pens for Kids is based entirely on volunteer work and has no administration costs other than shipping expenses for the pens.

About Ali

Pens for Kids Canada was founded by Ali Lodi in 2008. In December 2008, Ali raised more than $9,000 for Save the Children Canada. These funds were for Save the Children's programs in Kenya and Tanzania. 

This fund raising was part of a group effort which raised more than $200,000 for Save the Children Canada's programs in Africa.

The group also took part in a fund raising trek which involved summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Upon arriving in Tanzania, Ali noticed that the poor village kids in rural Africa cherished being given pens and pencils even more so than food and money. Lots of established charities bring food, clothes and money to the poor villages in Africa, but none of the existing charities supplied stationary. This led to the formation of Pens for Kids Canada in January 2009.


Pens for Kids Canada

...has two branches:

- one managed by Ali Lodi who administrates the website www.pensforkids.ca ....

- and one managed by Nizar Mawani who administrates the Facbook Page Pens for Kids Canada

Ali, Lodi, Ali Lodi, Pens for Kids Canada, PFK CA, PFK-CA, Canada
Pens for Kids Canada

Ali Lodi

Phone: 416 - 278 - 9511

Email: info@pensforkids.ca

Nizar, Mawani, Nizar Mawani, Pens for Kids Canada, PFK CA, PFK-CA, Canada
Pens for Kids Canada

Nizar Mawani
4245 Schneider CRT

Mississauga l5B 3N8

Email: nizar.mawani@rogers.com

About Nizar

Nizar Mawani was born and raised in Kenya, but has been living in Canada for the past 30 years. He is married to Rafika Mawani and have 2 children Rahim and Amyn. They learnt to be grateful for all the material “Abundance” God has granted him and his family….
Born and raised in Kenya, he as a child did not always have access to simple privileges as Pens or pencils, so both Rafika and Nizar made it their mission to teach their children, how to appreciate and share their “abundance” of time and resources to helping the less fortunate and also encouraging their friends and family in joining such efforts.
One way they taught their children was paying “tithe “by paying in “Time”. So when they have a vacation of seven days they pay one day in serving to the less fortunate…..So in one of the trips they took excess pens, pencils and eraser to the local schools.

Dear friends, please take a look around your office or homes and if you see or hear about an organization that may have “abundance” of pens or pencils. Please encourage them in sending it to us.
We are truly grateful for your support and time for helping us fulfilling our mission to helping all the children of the world, in having excess to pens and pencils for them to educate just like we would for our children…
Thank you
The Mawani family Canada

Pens for Kids Danmark: Kontakt Claus Hjørnet, Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DK-3200 Helsinge. Email: claus@pensforkids.dk
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