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Pens for Kids Canada

Pens for Kids Canada is a non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada which provides donated stationary to third world countries around the world.

To date, Pens for Kids Canada has donated thousands of stationary items to underprivileged kids in Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania and Cuba.

Pens for Kids is free of any political or religious influence and economical motives and has no other purpose than to help underprivileged kids with their education and development
About us
Pens for Kids Canada was founded by Ali Lodi in 2008. In December 2008, Ali raised more than $9,000 for Save the Children Canada. These funds were for Save the Children's programs in Kenya and Tanzania.

This fund raising was part of a group effort which raised more than $200,000 for Save the Children Canada's programs in Africa.

The group also took part in a fund raising trek which involved summitting Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Upon arriving in Tanzania, Ali noticed that the poor village kids in rural Africa cherished being given pens and pencils even more so than food and money. Lots of established charities bring food, clothes and money to the poor villages in Africa, but none of the existing charities supplied stationary. This led to the formation of Pens for Kids Canada in January 2009.


Since 2009, Pens for Kids Canada has donated thousands of stationary items to children in Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan and Cuba.

Since inception, Pens for Kids has been funded privately by our founder and majority of the stationary donations have been from friends and family.

We are always looking for donations of new or used stationary. We also work with Pens for Kids Denmark and Pens for Kids UK who have trusted ambassadors in many third world countries who make sure  that the stationary ends up in the hands of the kids. 

If you would like to donate any pens, crayons, pencils, colour pencils, markers, erasers, colour books or notepads please contact us at email: info@pensforkids.ca or Ph: 416 278 9511

Who to ship to

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Executive Director Ali Lodi - Phone: 416-278-9511 - info@pensforkids.ca - www.pensforkids.ca


We accept used and new pen of every type, color, size, shape and quantity.

Shipping costs to Africa from Canada is costly and as a 100% volunteer-based organization we rely on donations. We gratefully accept donations and help to assist with shipping costs. You can make a cash donations to Pens for Kids or help us with the shipping cost by sending your donation directly to Africa. However, if you send things to Africa yourselv, please consider the below recommendations.

Contact Ali Lodi for further information: info@pensforkids.ca - 416-278-9511

Shipping recommendations

Sending pens to Africa is easy.


We encourage you to send pens directly to a Pens For Kids Ambassador or a local charity organisation of your choice. Sending clothing, shoes or other valuables is greatly appreciated. However, most of these items cost less in Africa. Additionally, Ambassadors may be charged taxes, duties, administration fees, etc.


How to ship pens to Africa directly:

  1. Select an Ambassador or local organisation
  2. Be sure to notify the receiver that a package is coming – if packages are left at the post office for more than a day or two the receiver may be charged a fee.
  3. UPSP Priority International Mail
  4. Standard international priority shipping boxes are available for free from the USPS. Shipping costs $51 per standard priority mail box to ship from the US to most African countries.
  5. Boldly Mark the Box “Pens For Kids”
  6. In addition to the Ambassador’s address, be sure to clearly mark the box “Pens For Kids” to facilitate clearing African customs.
  7. List the value as “$0”
  8. On the customs form, list the value as “$0” and do not request for the box, if unclaimed, to be returned to you. Both of these indications likely trigger the receiving post office to charge the ambassador customs or storage fees.
  9. Ship your Pens For Kids!
  10. It takes 3-4 weeks for a package to travel from the United States and arrive in Africa.
  11. DO NOT send cash or other items in boxes of pens!

If you send cash in a package marked “Pens For Kids,” it may jeopardize the Ambassador’s ability to receive packages.



If African customs departments or local African postal services discover cash or other items in a box marked “Pens For Kids” it increases the potential for theft of future packages.



How to ship pens to the Pens For Kids office:



We accept used and new pen of every type, color, size, shape and quantity. Shipping costs to Africa from Canada is costly and through our network of volunteers and generous donations, we are able to ship pens to Africa for you. All you need to do is get them to us.

Contact Ali Lodi for further information: info@pensforkids.ca - 416-278-9511

A Pens For Kids “Ambassador” is a person living in Africa who has agreed to receive pens from donors and distribute them to underprivileged kids in local communities free of charge.


Ambassadors are an integral part of the Pens For Kids project. Some are licensed tour guides, others are school teachers with university educations, one is the chief of her village and several others are business owners who care deeply their community.


Each Pens For Kids Ambassador was personally chosen by Pens For Kids and all of them truly understand the importance of an education and are committed to fostering a culture of learning.


PFK Ambassador List - Click on an ambassador name to view their individual web page:

South Africa
Pens for Kids Danmark: Kontakt Claus Hjørnet, Holmevej 21 Annisse Nord, DK-3200 Helsinge. Email: claus@pensforkids.dk
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